Getting Ready, Getting Pumped: Wait it is still only 2012!?

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December 26, 2012 by theloneblonde

 Well as of right now 2013 is looking like a pretty promising year for me. I mean 2012 was a pretty promising year. I filled up my passport (it has been my goal since I was about 14 to do this), I finished my MASTERS degree (damn, I’m good), I wrote and published my dissertation, I went to the Olympics (bucket list check), I was offered my dream position with the Peace Corps.


So as of right now 2013 brings the promise of hope for my 23rd year of life, with the end to my transition period and a kick start of an entrance into the real world… (haha like that would ever actually happen). But really 2013 is right around the corner, and what it brings, brings me great excitement. Before I jet off to some foreign land permanently I have some unfinished business not to mention fun things planned that does not include spending my days serving unappreciative patrons of old-ladies-r-us (though yesterday I did help out the my state senator find a present for her granddaughter, she wished me a Happy Hanukah… I’m not Jewish… and Hanukah is well over this year, but I did not question it).


As of right now, I am actually enjoying spending the holidays at home, though that really means working the maximum allowable hours in the state of Wisconsin for part time employment before they have to pay me benefits and holiday overtime, breaking up dog fights, and picking my brothers up from the bars (full of Christmas cheer at 2am). Yet I am not enjoying a true Wisconsin winter, though I won’t even be here for the majority of it, I don’t think I have seen this much snow since 2006. When you don’t remember the last time the reel feel temperature was in the positives, even I need to get out (though this may not bode well for areas of Albania that I may get stationed in….). So what do you do when it’s clearly too cold, the only option to me is to head south!


This brings me to my plans for 2013…


My new years resolution I think this year will be to never pass on adventure. I had the ideal new years resolution, which came to me in a dream, but I don’t remember what it was, so I think this one encompasses the general idea. I also want to work on becoming a member of the Century Travellers Club, I will get to that in a later post.


So in just the first three months of 2012, I want to make it to 10 states and 10 countries, I am setting the bar at that expectation and in reality; I expect it to be more.
















United States






Hong Kong/Macau






How in the world am I going to do this you ask!? Well, I have not slaved my butt off at old-ladies-r-us for nothing. (Though my brother got hold of my pay check the other day, and turns to me and goes, Heather… I get paid this in a day… it was a check for two weeks of work… and he has not even graduated…) I have some amazing road trip plans and international road trip plans coming up. Hopefully, I will have enough time to battle jet leg and pack before my next adventure!


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