Oh Canada: The Quest for Poutine

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January 27, 2013 by theloneblonde

To most everyone’s surprise it was up until this month that I had never journeyed to the friendly neighbour of the North.

My parent’s families both being from the Detroit, Michigan area going to Canada for them was no big deal. It was Canada. You drove over a bridge with an expensive toll and they were there. It looked the same, people sounded the same, and there was really not a big difference other then the fact you needed to show ID when you crossed over.

My entire life, countless trips to Detroit have been taken to visit family and friends and every time I would bring my passport along going, HEY CANADA IS RIGHT OVER THERE LETS GO! But without avail I never took a trip over the border.

People are often shocked when I say out of all the countries I have been to I have never visiting Canada nor Mexico, the two countries boarding our own nation! It’s so CLOSE! For crying out loud I know all the words to the Canadian National Anthem, and have several times faked a Canuck accent and an appreciation for hockey. I could practically be Canadian! But nope, never been.

Though roughly put, my Canadian friends whom have visited me in the United States have often put it, “If you have been to a Tim Hortons you have been to Canada, they are like mini-embassies spreading Canadian Joy.” Even though I am sure I could ask Tim Hortons to stamp my passport, it is just not the same.

So in 2013, this had to change! After some begging and pleding I finally made my case for Canada. My friend Eleanor in the driver seat, we loaded the car with Diet Coke (just in case it was not the same in Canada) and set off on a quest for Poutine!

What is Poutine you may ask? Pronounced Poo-Tinee or Poo-Tin is a dish from Québec, now popularized all over Canada, contains French Fries (done the Belgium way… and fried twice), brown gravy, and cheese curds (fresh… not fried). My first encounter with this dish was actually in India at a wordly coffee shop frequented by exchange students called Mocha, though there it was only potato wedges and a gravy cheese sauce which we affectionately called dog milk cheese due to the fact it could have been made from dog milk because it certainly was not from a cow, though oddly addicting. Some very nice Canadian exchange students taught us otherwise, this was NOT the real deal. Since then I have been on the quest for the real deal of Poutine, which I almost found at AJ Bombers in Milwaukee, but apparently the real thing is ONLY found within the Canadian borders.

So we googled Poutine in Windsor, the first result, is Frenchy’s Poutinery. SOLD. We looked up the directions, which we go through the tunnel enter Canada turn left. It’s literally the 2nd thing you see when you exit the Canadian-American tunnel, the first being a Tim Hortons.

ImageEntering Canada!


Woah! Canadian’s Write their Phone Number’s Funny… Ok not really…

ImageThere is a Window in the Money! Money of the Future!

ImageIt only took us four and a half years but FINALLY we found the REAL Poutine!

ImageThe Sunsetting on two countries Canada to the left and the United States to the right with the Ambassador Bridge in the background.

ImageAll good things have to come to an end, but someday,  Canada, I will return!

Next Stop: Mexico! Via Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia and maybe even Indonesia? Oh yea, and the countdown to Albania begins! Maybe I should think about packing…


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