Packing: My Shoes’ Worst Nightmare

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February 4, 2013 by theloneblonde


I guess it’s time to start thinking about packing? Or at least thinking about thinking about packing. It has been a topic on the back of my mind since I got my invitation to Albania. After the initial awesome thoughts, I started to think wait a second, Albania may actually have seasons and then think dang why would I not be going to a country with one season (preferably just hot and humid) it would have made packing so much easier. Albania from what I know has a lot of climate areas, everything from Costal (like the Carolinas) to Mountains and cold (think Marquette, Mi). I could be in either. I will find out where I am after my initial three-month training period. Hello Packing Nightmare.

Sure I can get things shipped to me but with postage rates going up tomorrow on international postage… I better take all my 100 pounds of allotted luggage with me.

I cannot even begin to get beyond the idea of the shoes! Seriously, what do you bring! I love flip-flops, and they take up little space, but my entire Havianas collection cannot come too! People say that I need to bring boots that double as rain and snow boots that are warm and comfortable, I don’t even own these and I live in Wisconsin (maybe because I just don’t like winter boots and deny the fact that it snows often here). Hiking shoes or work out shoes, flats or heels!? When you say bring a walking shoe… what exactly does that entail… are we talking walking around the blocking or walking up a mountain?

I know I am going somewhere where I can get shoes, which hopefully will not be out of my price range… and as Macklemore describes he will be “passing up on those moccisians someone else has been walkin in them” (in his song Thrift Shop) second hand shoes are not really something to be desired which may be the only affordable ones on my salary… Yet who knows!

I guess my guess my Singapore trip is a bit of a dry run, as I will be seeing a few of the elements, though mostly heat and humidity but also doing some hiking in Cambodia and Malaysia. So far I have reduced it to two pairs flip flops, one convertible half flat half open toe flip flop (an old-ladies-r-us steal at 5 bucks), a black flat for going out, and a pair of sanucks for walking in the jungles… and alright maybe a pair of hiking sandals if they get here in time. I am only going to be gone for a month… and I have seriously packed six (ok maybe 7) pairs of shoes… and three purses. Damnit. I seriously have white girl issues.

Anyway… My last day at Old-ladies-R-Us was yesterday andI’m off to Singapore in the morning. Something crazy to think about I was there 22 years and 11 months ago TO THE DATE! (we can round that to 23 years ago). My parents had the grand idea to take me (a four month old baby) across the world to Asia. My first passport was issued at about 2 weeks old (all my passport pictures sense are not as cute as my first as a drooling baby). My mom flew with an assorted crowd of military wives from California to Singapore with a four-month-old baby. I have asked her since, Mom how do you do it! Because I am freaking out a little at the thought of a 22-hour flight and I am 23!!! My mother’s response “oh everyone wanted to play with you! I passed you around, you loved it!” So my mother let strangers play with me on a plane, in her defence it was the early 90s.

The plan for my trip is not as concrete as my last adventure, and well if you are a reader of my blog, you may now know that though it was planed out to the minute it logistically failed, so do over time! The general idea is that I will be visiting my friend’s Mallory (Grass) and Lauren (Punkin) in Singapore! Mallory and Lauren both teach English in Singapore, and you may remember them from my last blog as they both lived with me in India. I am going to be there for a month, and though I may be jet legged for about a week of it, we are going to be chillin (when I say we I mean I, as they have to work).

They have off for Chinese New Year Vacation and we are heading to Cambodia! Our rough plan is to make our way to Siem Reap to bike through the temples, and potentially five years after India get in our elephant ride. (To catch you up: When we lived in India, we all the time tried to ride Elephants, we lived in India for an entire year and never rode an elephant… yes. Because EVERYTIME we went to ride the elephants… either the elephant were not there! The elephants had a holiday, the elephants were sick, foreigners could give the elephants communicable diseases, the elephants were not going to carry our white butts up that hill is what it amounted too…). Along with take in the culture, and enjoy 25 cent happy hour. Random Fact, they use US dollars in Cambodia but they also mint their own money, similar to Panama.

Post this, I plan on exploring Singapore to the fullest, maybe recalling some memories of me there as a baby (kidding). But I do have some pictures that I plan on trying to re-create an entire 23 years later, a bit of a time lapse, and something to do! There may also be random trips to both Malaysia and another surrounding country such as Indonesia! I am trying to convince both Mallory and Lauren to take a weekend off (or in their case… their random weekday weekends) and run off with me to either Kuala Lumpur Jakarta!

Well I am off! Wish me luck trying to drag all of the things I over packed on to a plane! I am secretly wishing that they will lose my luggage, and then 24 hours later deliver it to my friend’s door so I don’t have to drag it around on public transit at 1am (when my flight arrives). I may be the only person in the world who has a secret wish of this… I put the important things (such as the Girl Scout Cookies) in my carry on.

Next time I update my blog, I will hopefully be in Asia!

Though if by chance you really need a blog to read because you really love mine… in the interim you can check out Lauren’s Singapore Blog at:


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