Sunday Funday In Thanë ose Dita Shqiptaro-American!

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May 6, 2013 by theloneblonde

So in Albania I am a volunteer in Community and Organizational Development. So what does that mean? Well it means other then I am awesome, that I am here to somewhat promote community organization and civic engagement. Our group out in the village of Thanë was asked to do a community project, and we decided that we would like to focus on the promotion of community cohesion outside of school (which rarely happens). So what better way to do this then to throw a big-fat Albanian-American Party! And it was AMAZING. We had over 120 people come out, 100 of them kids from the school. In a town of only around 400 people, it is an event that will go down in the Fshati History! The kids had an amazing time, dancing, playing, getting their faces painted! Pictures will do it more justice!

ImageHaving a Dance-Off! It was AMAZING to see boys and girls dancing together, which is something that does not happen often!

ImageFace Painting By Mary (my fellow Wisconsinite)!

ImageAll of the Kids getting ready to do the Harlam Shake!

ImageDJ Luke and the Locali Guy

ImageA Parade of all the Local Kids, it was awesome to see them CHEER each other on!

ImageUnknowingly I was also called to Parade, to the song Gagnam Style… 

ImageThe Town even capitalized on our event, the local ice cream seller was selling the ice cream through the fence, improving the Economy!

IMG_5085YMCA!(Photo Credit: T. Benny)

IMG_5071Me and my Amazing Translator for the Day! (Photo Credit: T. Benny)

ImageAll of the Amazing Volunteers who helped us out making our project a great success!


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