Having someone visit is the best birthday present I could have received

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December 15, 2013 by theloneblonde

So I am very happy to announce that I had one of my first visitors come and visit me in Albania. I am very lucky to have friends who live on this side of the pond, whom ignore the fact that Albania is not exactly your premier travel destination and think that spending time with me in a country without the amenities of the first world is a great plan (or they are trying to avoid their visa restrictions, which ever comes first).


Chloe, who I have been friends with now for a considerable amount of time, decided to come over via London (her home for the last four years) to see my Peace Corps life. A little background, Chloe and I lived in India together from 2007-2008, we met when we were applying to be exchange students and have been close ever since. Chloe and I have visited each other in multiple places around the world.


Together we explored the capitol, learned stories of skanderbau from a taxi driver, and celebrated Albanian Independence Day before we moved on to my town for thanksgiving and my birthday then our final stop in Berat exploring the old castles. There was lots of hiking, adventures and plenty of food. She did get a very peace corps experience as my birthday present from my town was 3.5 days without water, rolling blackouts, and temperatures in the negatives.


Having someone come and visit for me was a really great experience, not only because I really love to play tour guide, but also because it shows how far I have come in terms of integration and knowing Albania inside and out. I can navigate the transit, I can translate for taxi drivers, I can write down all the instructions to get lost bags delivered at 3am in a country without addresses, what more do I need! Best birthday present I could has asked for! Thanks Chloe for making it all the way out here!


Chloe and I, together again in Albania!


Albanian Independence Day Celebrations!


Thanksgiving!!! So Much Food, we worried we would not have enough! A local bar hosted us for one of the best Thanksgivings of all times!

IMG_2544Hiking around Corovode!


Hiking through the hills


On Kasabashi Bridge, one of the main town attractions and Ottomen Era bridge rumored to be built by the same guy who built the Blue Mosque in Turkey, apparently?

  IMG_2525As always crossing yet another sketch bridge

IMG_2519And for good measure I leave you a picture of dead animals hanging, recurring theme in my life.





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