Ubiquitous Raki

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January 18, 2014 by theloneblonde

Raki… Oh Glorious Raki. May you flow freely as long as the rivers do.

I have mentioned it multiple times before, the local “moonshine,” here in Albania has been made for hundreds of years. Made most often in the front yard of the house rather then in a factory, drank daily by the locals regardless of the time and often considered an apéritif to go along side coffee and maybe a spot of breakfast.

So pronounced, raw-ki, not reeki (as my father tries to put it…no dad…), it is something I have grown somewhat fond of, occasionally.

The BBC but together a small informational movie about raki in the country of Kosovo, though the raki of Skrapar is far superior this tells you a little about the process and it’s taste, and he puts it quite well can taste anywhere between a fine cognac to embalming fluid, in which you could preserve a dead body… spot on.


Raki: The tale of Raki in Kosovo


I hope you learned a little more about the culture and tradition of the Balkans, and if you would like to try some raki the locali (bar) next to my house just got 200 Liters… for a year… though clearly that was a raki fueled conversation and I may have mistranslated it? Though raki does very much so support Albanian language and skills acquisition.


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